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Chiropractic Services

Don’t live in pain. MOVE BETTER, FEEL BETTER!

Chiropractic Care

Years of specialized practice allows us to try many forms of chiropractic treatment.

Sports Injuries

Have a recent sports injury? We will get you back out doing what you love!

Unique Cases

With over 20 years in practice, Dr. Fagan has the experience to help you manage your health.

Self Care Instruction

Dr. Fagan teaches his patients methods to improve and maintain healthy function.


What happens on the first visit?
  • You will complete a health questionnaire.

  • Dr. Fagan will discuss your health concerns, and health history.

  • Dr. Fagan will perform a physical examination. 

  • If appropriate, treatment will begin during that initial session, including Chiropractic adjustment and techniques to improve mobility and muscle imbalance.

  • If treatment is not appropriate, Dr. Fagan will provide recommendations for further consultation with other health specialists.

  • Dr. Fagan will make recommendations on ways you can participate in your own care, including specific exercises or methods to reduce injuries.

How long will my first appointment take?

Please allow 90 minutes for the initial visit.   Follow up visits are generally 30 minutes.

How many visits will I need and how often will I need to come back?

Each patient is treated individually depending on their specific health requirements, so the frequency depends on the needs of the patient.  Patients can reduce how much care they need by following recommendations for self-care provided by Dr. Fagan.

Does Fagan Chiropractic accept my insurance?

Fagan Chiropractic does not bill insurance directly.  Patients pay directly for care.  Upon request, a detailed invoice will be provided which can be submitted for reimbursement to a patient's insurance company.

Why doesn’t Fagan Chiropractic bill insurance?

By eliminating insurance billing, Fagan Chiropractic is able to focus on the needs of the patient.  Care is not different based on what insurance card an individual carries, but on what the person actually needs.  With changes in the health care industry, including high deductibles and high co-payments, as well as the expense of processing insurance paperwork, Fagan Chiropractic felt that it was better to create a system in which the fee schedule is simple and people are treated as individuals.

When will I feel better?

This depends on the type of injury, how long you have had it, and your overall health.  Most patients start noticing improvements very quickly, and often immediately, yet, there are more complicated cases that may take longer to properly heal.

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